About Me

Hello there and welcome to my little piece of the internet.  So who is the gal behind the blog?

That’s stain on the page me Helois, an almost 40-year-old (EEK) woman, wife to an amazing man and mother to one teenage boy.   A bookworm with a wide range of interests and lover of all things vintage. Looking for a place to share, indulge and improve upon my passion for books, crafty projects, travel, writing and photography, with a splash of everything this crazy life has to offer.  Also, since recently losing 120 pounds I find myself getting really excited about fashion and getting all “done” up, as well as getting into healthy eating.  I also, have a wonderful job at a local hospital that I love, friends, family and fun stories to tell.  With this blog I hope to inspire myself and in the process you as well, to indulge and improve your hobbies and passions, for a life well lived.  Because, we could all use a bit more happy, Right?


Why Stain On The Page

Well I am hoping to use this blog as a portfolio for my writing, and as a journal of sorts. In other words making stains on a page albeit a digital one. Stain on the Page, I feel it symbolizes the ink on the pages of a book, the marks children make as they learn to write, paint on an artist’s canvas, an image burned into paper. After all these things are only stains on a page. It is only our interpretation of them that gives them meaning and truth.  Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so get out there and create something, anyone can make stains on a page.stain-on-the-page


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