Book Review Policy

Welcome, thank you for considering me to read and review your novel. To ensure a good fit, please take a few moments to read through my review policy, before submitting a request. I currently accept for review, books that are already released, as well as ARCs from authors, publishers and publicists.

Genre’s I typically read

Young Adult and Adult Fiction

  • contemporary/realistic
  • dystopian
  •  fantasy
  • mystery/thriller
  • historical fiction
  • literary Fiction
  • steampunk
  • “chick lit” or womens lit
  • romance of any kind

Possible genre’s (Very Picky)

  • non-fiction
  • memoirs/biographies
  • science-fiction
  • graphic novels
  • children’s
  • middle-grade


Genre’s that I will not accept

  • self-help
  • business
  • poetry
  • classic literature (I have already read most of these, I am open to new cover reveals of these though)


Formats that I am accepting

  • physical copy (ARC or hardcover)
  • digital copy  (e-pub and pdf ok)
  • audio books (picky about these)


what should you include in your request?

  • the summary
  • release date
  • any other information you think is relevant to being a good fit on the blog
  • please specify if you have a time frame you expect the review to be written by


Understand that by accepting or receiving a book.  I can not guarantee that it will be read or posted on the blog immediately, I will try my best to read and review the material in a timely fashion, but it is not always possible.  If it is an ARC I will try to publish the review by the release date.  Priority will be given to books that I have personally requested or blog tours.

Please, be advised that I post honest reviews, which means that if I do not like your book I will state so in a respectable manner and make sure to explain why I didn’t.  I ask that you respond in kind and do not attack or belittle me or my review, it is my opinion that you are asking for, and that is what you will receive.   I reserve the right to not publish a review, if I am uncomfortable with doing so, If I disliked the book so much as to not finish reading it, I will write a short review stating why I did not.  By sending a request, you are acknowledging these guidelines.


In addition to reviews, I am open to 

  • blog tours
  • cover reveals
  • author interviews
  • giveaways– However, these  will be limited to books that I have already read or that I am highly anticipating reading
  • guest blogging–I am open to guest blogging on other sites as well as accepting relevant guest bloggers here.


I am honored that you want me to read your novel and I will try my best to respond to all inquires as soon as possible. Please, be patient with me as I am not paid to blog or review books.  Which means my paying job and other life commitments will have priority, and I can only accept deadlines that work within those constraints.  Thank you.




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